National Anthem  watercolor  39"X 31" 
Back in the Saddle  watercolor 24"X 20" 
Best in Show-Spirit of the West Exhibition
Fiesta  watercolor  28"X 20" SOLD
Back in the Saddle...Again  watercolor  40"X 30" 
Best Painting-Celebration of Western Art,
 San Francisco  SOLD
Git-a-long  watercolor  30"X 36"

Samson & Delilah
  watercolor  27"X 32" SOLD

Learnin' the Ropes  
watercolor 23"X 21" SOLD

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Artwork by Marlin Rotach
Inquiries are always welcomed.
Contact:  [email protected]
Moonlit Rendezvous  watercolor  31"X 27"
Awarded 4th place Ex Arte Equinus
"Art of the Horse" International Exhibition

"Ain't nuthin' like ridin' a fine horse in new country"...
Gus Mcrae in Lonesome Dove

American Royal limited edition poster
from Study for Color Guard
Roper's Box  watercolor  36"X 24"  SOLD
The Red, White and Blue
   watercolor  42"X 30"
Study for Working Saddle
  watercolor  27"X 35"
Shadow Ropers   watercolor   26"X 24"  SOLD

 Butch & Sundance  
watercolor 32"X 26"

As Bugles Sound   watercolor   20,5"X 28.5"
Cowgirl in the Sand   
watercolor/gouache/Ink   11"X 14"
Official Poster: 
Cheyenne Frontier Days 2014 Rodeo
In the Driver's Seat  watercolor  30"X 40"

Red Roper
  watercolor  24"X 18"
Tightening the Cinch  watercolor  24"X 30"
Joan Roche Memorial Award
Signature American Watermedia Exhiibition
Fallbrook, CA
Thinkin' Outside the Box   watercolor   20"X 24"
Bosque Gold Medal 
in Water Media
Bosque Art Classic  2015
Clifton, Texas
Shared Hearts   watercolor   30"X 40"
Winner in the Splash 19;
 Illusion of Light Competition  SOLD
Saddleback Abstract Study  
watercolor  10"X 12"  SOLD

Team Spirit  watercolor   40"X 30"
Cow Pony   watercolor   24"X 30"
People's Choice Award
Western Art Collector Award of Excellence
Hold Your Horses Exhibition
Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ

Roper in Red   watercolor   24"X 18"
Cowboy   watercolor   23"X 17"
Durango, Colorado

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Power and Glory   watercolor   23"X 29"  SOLD
Heir of Nobility
watercolor  23"X 17"
Made in the USA
  watercolor/gouache/ink  24"X 30"
Saddle Study #4  watercolor  13"X 17"
Best Watercolor
National Greeley Art Exhibition
Buck and a Quarter   watercolor   15"X 19"
People's Choice Award    SOLD
Western Art Collector Award of Excellence
Hold Your Horses Exhibition
Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ
Dreamer Boy  watercolor  13"X 10"
Three Amigos  watercolor  15"X 19"   SOLD
Study for Compadres  watercolor   15"X 19"   SOLD

Behold,The Pale Horses 
  watercolor   19"X 15"
Bunny and Clyde  watercolor   10"X 13"  SOLD
After Evening's Ride
watercolor  24"X 18" SOLD
Under the October Sun watercolor    20"X 24"
Viejos Amigos (old friends)
watercolor  14"X 18"  SOLD
Rimrock Riders  watercolor   13"X 17"   SOLD
Cow Pony #2  watercolor  18"X 24"
Light of the Lost Canyon   
watercolor   14"X 11"
Cool Water  watercolor   16"X 20"    SOLD
Contemplation  watercolor  11"X 14"   SOLD
Applying the Rasp   watercolor    18"X 24"  SOLD
Land Speculator
watercolor    24"X 36"
Feelin' Frisky
watercolor   13"X 10"  SOLD
Showgirls   watercolor/gouache/ink  10"X 13" -SOLD
Jake and the Big Yonder  
watercolor/gouache/ink  18"X 24"
Where the Sagebrush Blooms  watercolor  15"X19"
Court of the Pale Queen  watercolor  18"X 24"   SOLD
Windswept Ridge   watercolor  27"X 21"
Awarded the 
Cheyenne Frontier Days
Museum Purchase Award-SOLD
Land of the Hoodoos  
watercolor  24"X 18"   SOLD
Trail in the Snowies   watercolor  24"X 20"
Call of the Canyon  watercolor  15"X 19"      SOLD
Deep Shadows on the Mesa  watercolor  24"X 30"
Awarded the Silver Medal-Watermedia
Bosque Art Classic        SOLD
Riders of the Red Cliffs  watercolor/gouache/ink   30"X 40"
Donna's Saddle  watercolor/gouache  24"X 30"
Mirror Lake (west of Laramie)  watercolor  20"X 24"
Western Landscapes
Grandeur of the Greys  - SOLD
 watercolor/gouache/ink  23"X 19"
Hush of Contentment  - SOLD 
watercolor/gouache/ink  13"X 10"
Ridin' the Ridge   
 watercolor/gouache/ink    16"X 20"
Islands in the Sky  watercolor  16"X 20"     SOLD
American Anthem  watercolor/gouache  31"X 23"
Awarded the Cheyenne Frontier Days
Museum Purchase Award-Sold
Reflecting on the Rockies  watercolor  26"X 40"
A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves — strong, powerful, beautiful — and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. ~Pam Brown
Footpath through the Rockies   watercolor   20"X 16"  SOLD
Sunday at the Rectory  watercolor  14"X 11"
Down at the Ol' Corral   watercolor   19"X 15"
Chillin'  watercolor  16"X 20"
When it Rains...  watercolor  24"X 18"  SOLD
Power & Light  watercolor 24"X 20"
Ridin' Down the Canyon  watercolor  16"X 20"  SOLD
Mystie  watercolor/Ink   14"X 11"
Cow Pony #3   watercolor   18"X 24"
Cheyenne Dreams  watercolor  16"X 20"
My First Saddle   watercolor   18"X 24"
Splendid Sorrels  watercolor  16"X 20" SOLD
If Trees Could Talk  watercolor   24"X 30"
A Cool Drink   watercolor   16"X 20"  SOLD
Gilda  watercolor/ink   14"X 11"    SOLD
Under Spacious Skies   watercolor  16"X 19"
Along the Colorado   watercolor   16"X 19"  SOLD
Official Cheyenne Frontier Days 
125th Anniversary Poster Limited edition of 125 copies
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What an Honor!
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Girl's Night Out  watercolor/ink  20"X 20"
Across the Great Divide   watercolor/ink 20"X 16"
Tooler's Trade  watercolor  11"X 14"
Kandi & Kane  watercolor/gouache/ink  23"X 29"
FOCUS  watercolor/gouache/ink   20"X20"

Quietly Reflecting  watercolor  16"X 16"
Tried and Tooled  watercolor/gouache/ink  24"X 24"