Other Mediums

Linocuts / Art Glass Lamps

Linocuts are done in 
extremely small editions,
 the blocks are cancelled upon completion.

  Contact Marlin for number availability and edition sizes.
"Arts and Crafts Lamp"
"Morningsong Lamp"
"Winter's Moon"    9"X 12"    $90
"Midnight Jewels Lamp"
"Ode to Samoa Lamp"
"Fused Tulip Lamp"
Rotach/Bennett Lamps

The creation of each Art Glass Lamp is a series of complex tasks, beginning with the initial design created by Marlin Rotach and ending with the superb craftsmanship of Chris Bennett.  All lamps are unique one-of-a-kind works of art.  They are  crafted with only the finest rare art glasses and electrical components. The glass shades interact with both reflected and transmitted light in a multitude of ways, creating an everchanging visual experience to be enjoyed for generations to come. The bases are vintage antiques or ceramic creations of Jemerick Art Pottery.  Due to the complexity of design and perfection of craftsmanship, only one lamp is completed yearly                         Price on Request
Floral Pair  12"X 6"  $75 (each)
         "Clematis"                 "Daylily"

"Plump Cardinal by Moonlight" 9"X 12       $90
"Calico"  12"X 9"  $90
"Ribbons & Wreaths"
12"X 9"        $90
"Where Treetops Glisten"
12"X 9"       $90
Artwork by Marlin Rotach
Pinecone Pair   12"X 6"   $75  (each)
"Pinebough"                 "Top of the Pine"
"Savage Dream Lamp" -homage to Gauguin
"Treetop Glistens" 
12"X 6" $75
"Celtic Blooms Lamp"
"Lovely Branches"
12"X 9"      $90
Hush   10"X 8"   $60
"Snow Cones"  12"X 12"  $100