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"In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary."
---Aaron Rose in Orion 
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Announcing my first book
The River Flows: Watercolors of the American West
Now taking online orders at Amazon:
Or you can order from Barnes and Noble :
Or Simply Call, The Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum   405/478-2250 ext. 275
or the Phippen Museum   928/778-1385

The River Flows; Watercolors of the American West 
is an amazing three-part partnership between myself and Don and Cha Cha Weller.

The book is a 200 year history of Western watercolors and is currently accompanied by an exhibition at the Phippen Museum. This lavishly illustrated volume includes works from over 40 painters. All the famous old watercolor artists along with 14 contemporary Western watercolorists.                                              It is getting rave reviews!

The River Flows: Watercolors of the American West
Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ  
Oct. 1- Feb. 6th
Team Spirit   40"X 30"
Made in the USA  24"X 30"   SOLD
Riders of the Red Cliffs 30"X 40"
A Luminous Glow
watercolor/ink  24"X 18"
Belle of the Rockies
watercolor/ink   20"X 16"
Girls Night Out
watercolor/ink  20"X 20"
A Cool Drink
watercolor/ink  16"X 20"
If Trees Could Talk  24"X 30"
Cowboy  23"X 17"
Across the Great Divide
watercolor/ink  20"X 16"
Bonnie's Peonies
watercolor/ink  20"X 16"
Miniature Masterpiece Art Show
Phippen Museum, Prescott  AZ
May 1 - June 5th
Tooler's Trade  11"X 14"
Below are just a few of the images of my paintings included in the book.