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Unfortunately, my images are being pirated and printed by unscrupulous individuals.  Please do not patronize these thieves, I do not print or condone the reproduction of my paintings.
American Legacy Gallery
5911 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64113
Inquiries are always welcomed.
"In the right light, at the right time,
everything is extraordinary."
---Aaron Rose in Orion 
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Sorrel Sky Gallery
125 West Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501
showing at 
Sorrel Sky Gallery,  Santa Fe, NM
Shared Hearts
showing at 
American Legacy Gallery,  Kansas City, MO
Winner in the Splash 19: Illusion of Light Competition
Now Showing
FRESH PAINT   Marlin's Newest Watercolor
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National Exhibitions
Get Your Motors Runnin'

Behold the Pale Horses
Windswept Ridge (West of Laramie)
Awarded the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum Purchase Award
Cow Pony
Cool Water
Elegance in White  watercolor   15"X 19"